Mostraspelet 2016

Mostraspelet is a historical drama that premiered in 1984 on the occasion of the opening of the new Moster Amphitheatre. For more than 30 years, actors and musicians have been gathering for the annual performance of this historical drama, which is also called “The Christian Kings at Moster”.

Mostraspelet casts light on a dramatic era in Norway’s historical saga, and a clash between ancient beliefs and a new faith. The drama describes a 30-year period when Moster was at the heart of historical events.

For a few fascinating hours, this drama transports us to a distant time, and we are witness to how these events transformed society and how they deeply marked individuals.

It is only fitting that this drama be brought to life at Moster, in the historical setting in which the original events took place. Experience for yourself how Mostraspelet elicits smiles and tears.

Performance: Bømlo Theatre