Steinriket Bømlo - Ane Bysheim

See the stones and quarries of Bømlo!

There has been quarry and mining activity in Bømlo for 10,000 years. From the Stone Age through our modern era, seven different rock types, minerals and metals have been extracted in our region.

We invite you to explore this history and the mining locales through a special exhibition here at Moster Amfi, by visiting our website, and with the help of your tour guide. While the exhibition has universal access, some of the mining locales require travel by boat, or a two to 45 minute walk.

Bømlo has been Norway’s leading provider of stone through the ages!

For 6000 years, Stone Age hunters had found stone at Bømlo for their axes; here, soapstone was quarried for the churches of Bergen built in the Middle Ages; here the granite was found for the city’s premier buildings, and for its stairs and cobblestones. From here, beautiful marble was exported to Copenhagen. In the quartz-lined mining passages of Lykling, miners extracted gold that led to a gold-rush at the end of the 19th century.

The stones and quarries of Bømlo are indeed worth exploring!

For groups, we can also offer activity days any time of the year:

  • Polish your own gemstone!
  • Prepare a Stone Age meal!
  • Try your hand at archery!

The activities offer are perfect for groups of friends, school classes and company outings. Please contact us for details. Tel. 53 42 66 20 /

We also invite you to visit our website: The Stones of Bømlo.