Benker 15. aprilPublikums tribune - Finn Bakke

Like a beautiful phoenix, Moster Amfi rose from the old limestone quarry at Moster in 1984. Today it is considered one of the most striking outdoor arenas in Northern Europe; some have called it “the Nordic Verona”. After the upgrade in 2016, the amphitheatre has 1050 numbered seats.


“The Christian Kings at Moster”, written by Johannes Heggland, is performed at Moster in the play’s historical setting.


Ragnhild Randal and Bømlo Theatre deserve credit for their vision of establishing an outdoor stage in the old quarry. Thanks to the cooperation of numerous cultural groups, this vision became reality.


In 1984, Moster Amfi was completed, ready for the inaugural performance. Since then, this amphitheatre has been the premier stage of the Bømlo community.