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Multimedia show: “1000 Years of the Norwegian Liturgy”

“1000 Years of the Norwegian Liturgy” is a multimedia presentation of church history, examining the Christian divine service in Norway through a thousand years. The show follows church history from 995 to 1995, as well as the celebration of the liturgy. The narrative is moulded on the church’s own dramaturgy.


Norway’s old churches contain silent testimony to the old liturgies. This cultural heritage permeates the very architecture, the church interiors, into the very furnishings and the sacred art. The multimedia show allows these to be history’s “messengers”, letting them speak to us in the form of music and quotes from written sources.


The liturgy itself may have changed little through the centuries, but the question posed is: how has the Christian message been experienced in different eras? Granted, no one can know for sure, but we can raise the question – and wonder. As you sit on the pews, this multimedia show takes you on a journey through that history.


Producers: Svein-Erik Andersen and Eva Charlotte Nilsen

The multimedia show was digitised in 2013