Heidendom - Finn Bakke


The new centre for Norwegian religious history was opened by Her Majesty Queen Sonja in 1995, on the occasion of the Millennial Celebration of the Christianisation of Norway.


The centre features two sections:

  • “From Paganism to Christianity” – a permanent exhibition
  • “1000 Years of the Norwegian Liturgy” – a multimedia show


The exhibition takes us back to the end of the Viking era. A new faith challenged the old Norse religion, and in the end Christianity became dominant.


Visitors are impressed by the stage sets, which yield insights into the ancient religious practices. The exhibition uses sculptures, lighting and audio, water and symbols, to bring history to life.


Exhibition curator and scenography: Torunn Valderhaug

Manuscript and research on religious history: Gro Steinsland

Decoration: A group headed by Mike McGurk

Sculptors: Regis Lebourg, Cyril Mouliniè, Francois-Pierre Deberre

Costumes: Hilde Schanke Pedersen

Lighting: Kurt Hermansen

Sound: Jørgen Damskaug

Guided tours available: See Opening hours