Friluftscena - Finn Bakke

Moster Amphitheatre opened in 1984 on the occasion of the premiere of the historical drama Mostraspelet. For the Millennial Celebration (1995) of the introduction of Christianity to Norway, the Municipality of Bømlo added a cultural facility. This contains a centre for Norwegian religious history, a new entrance and ticket office, and a café.

The amphitheatre was improved, with seating for an audience of 1200 people. A tunnel was added from the amphitheatre to the cultural centre, which was built into the bedrock behind the theatre. In addition to the featured exhibition “From Paganism to Christianity”, the public can enjoy the Amfi Café and the Amfi Hall.

Architecturally this is an exciting solution; it ensures the facilities blend in exceptionally well with the terrain, and avoids competing with the nearby Old Moster Church.

Architect: Svein Halleraker